About Me

by Jay Brown on July 15, 2010

Hello My name is Jay Brown “The Bulldog Marketer”. Born & Raised in Brooklyn, NY. Now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a 31 year old full time single dad. At the age of 12 yrs old I had my first J.O.B, on a public fishing boat as a mate. I love the ocean. Worked on the fishing boats up until I graduated high school. After high school, September-1998 I decided to pack up my car and move to South Florida.

I worked in the restaurant business as a waiter and moved up to assist manger very quickly. The problem I had with my J.O.B was it was a job. I had to answer to others and I can only make as much as they (the company) thought I was worth. I had a very Big “Why” to be a leader. At the young age of 20 yrs old i became a dad, so i did what it took to get to the top. Having my son made me the leader I am today. I would not be were i am today if it wasn’t for my son. He gave me the drive to be a leader and also helped me buy my first house at the age of 22. How? Tax return…LOL

While in the restaurant business I came in contact with a lot of different types of people.  Many in the Real Estate field.  So Ii looked further into the Real Estate field and then became a Real Estate Investor at the age of 24. It was a great decision because as of 2004 I quit my J.O.B and I’ve been self employed since 2004.

In Late 2007, I decided to invest my time & money into learning about the Internet & Network Marketing. I’ve surrounded myself with top industry leaders and have become one myself.The training that we provide has helped newbies become experts within a quick time frame as long as you apply yourself. I’ve learned so much in this Industry about people and how to help others become leaders and financially independent to spend more time with family. Which gave me the ability to now raise my 17 mth old little girl.

My time is very valuable, so I’m only going to work with a select few individuals.

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