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by Jay Brown on August 11, 2010

<strong>Numis Network Presentation…</strong>

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My Friend & Partner Cedrick
Reveals The Only MLM Company In The World…
That Autoships You Money,
Even if No One Joins your Business….
What is the Numis Network?

(Allow 10 Seconds For The Presentation To Start)

After you watch this Powerful Presentation about the Numis Network and are Ready to Join our Team of Top Internet Marketers Promoting Silver & Gold Numismatic Coins and Want more Information Go to
You can also Contact me Directly with any Questions at 954-639-6989

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Sean July 11, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Hey Jay,
Great site, and keep up the good work. Numis is a great business because everybody wants the product and it doesnt go away. It retains its value or increases! How many network marketing companies can say that?

Im also very impressed with Numis Network’s support and training. You have to have a system where people can duplicate your success. Numis Network provides that in surplus. This is something that people can plug into and have great success from the start.

Also, you had asked me to post my link to my Numis page, here it is:

Let me know how your Visalus Challenge is going. It sounds like you are rocking it! Keep it up.


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